Master the Magic of Python Coding!

Unlock the power of Python, the fantastically fun programming language that’s a breeze to learn! With its English-like syntax and simple command structures like “drone.takeoff()” and “drone.getTemp()”, Python takes your coding skills to new heights! Dive into a world of endless possibilities and discover why Python is the go-to language for millions of programmers worldwide as you open doors to exciting career opportunities!

Soar to New Heights with Ongoing STEM Challenges!

Prepare for endless excitement with iCode’s Flight School! Once you’ve completed the included Take Off! Course, keep the fun going with the monthly subscription which offers a continuous stream of fresh missions. Explore projects that test your abilities as a drone operator, programmer, and problem solver. Dive into mind-bending data science with cutting-edge drone sensors or unleash your creativity with the micro:bit board. The possibilities are limitless! Stay at the forefront of STEM learning as you elevate your skills and fuel your curiosity!

Code and Pilot Your Own Drone!

Experience drones like never before! Now you can program your drone through the power of Python! Experience the thrill as your code comes to life. Watch your drone follow automated flight paths and complete your commands. Gain invaluable STEM skills from mastering programming concepts to problem solving in physical space. Get ready for an epic journey that combines hands-on learning and pure awesomeness!

Harness the Power of Teamwork!

Calling all dream teams! The iCode Programmer Pack™ fosters limitless teamwork opportunities in STEM. Transform bright ideas into reality as you work together to complete your missions. Conquer challenges through creativity and problem solving and develop soft skills in communication, delegation, and leadership.

Gamified Learning™ for Ages 12 and Beyond!

Don’t let age be a barrier for curiosity and passion! The iCode Programmer Pack™ was created for enthusiast 12 and up, but students even younger can enjoy this learning tool with guidance from a parent or guardian. Fostering a child’s interest in technology at a young age ensures that they’ll stay curious for years to come. Embrace STEM learning and unleash their potential!

Level Up with Exciting STEM Challenges!

Embark on new STEM adventures! Through iCode’s metaverse-like classroom, you’ll take on new missions that will open your mind to new possibilities! Explore real-world problems, test ideas, and develop extraordinary problem-solving skills. Get ready to test your limits on a journey where fun and learning collide!

Unleash the Power of Critical Thinking!

Join the adventure that will revolutionize problem-solving as it ignites critical thinking skills! iCode’s STEM challenges encourage examining problems with a fresh perspective through both logical and creative approaches. Learn to analyze data to make informed decisions and tackle complex challenges. Unlock your inner thinker and transform your worldview as you learn to navigate life more confidently!

The Ultimate 4-in-1 STEM Kit

This versatile learning kit includes curated hardware from world renowned brands like Texas Instruments, DJI, and micro:bit to provide an experience like no other. These components combined with iCode’s advanced curriculum creates an exciting and immersive learning experience in programming, problem solving, and STEM education.

Gamified Learning™ Meets the Metaverse

iCode combines hands-on learning and immersive, metaverse-style classes with the Programmer Pack™

Programmer Pack™ Options

Purchase the complete Programmer Pack™, or select our modified pack if you already own a Python capable calculator.

Why Programmer Pack™?

Coding is the most essential skill for children to thrive in today’s technology-driven world.