Welcome to the World of the iCode Technologies Programmer Pack

Welcome to the world of the iCode Technologies Programmer Pack, a 4-in-1 STEM kit that empowers kids to unleash their creativity, solve problems, and dive into the exciting realm of computer science. This comprehensive kit combines the best of technology, including a DJI programmable drone, a Texas Instruments graphing calculator, a micro:bit microcontroller, and a one-of-a-kind iCode Technologies STEM challenge course.

Kids can embark on an immersive journey into coding, robotics, and STEM education with the Programmer Pack. They’ll learn to program the drone to fly pre-set routes, leverage the calculator for advanced calculations, and engage in creative coding projects using the micro:bit. This pack provides hands-on learning experiences and cultivates critical thinking, problem-solving, and computational skills.

Unleash your child’s coding potential with the wonders of the iCode Technologies Programmer Pack. Join us on this page to explore the pack’s features, benefits, and educational opportunities. Let’s embark on an exciting coding journey together, where imagination and technology converge, opening up endless possibilities for young innovators.

What is the Programmer Pack? Empowering Kids to Code 

Discover the iCode Technologies Programmer Pack, a 4-in-one STEM kit designed to empower kids to code, innovate, and explore the world of technology. This top-of-the-line STEM pack comprises four industry leaders; iCode, Texas Instruments, DJI, and micro:bit. Each brand contributes to a rich and engaging coding experience from an educational and physical value. Let’s examine how each brand’s presence in the Programmer Pack benefits your child’s STEM learning.

DJI: DJI is a world leader in drone manufacturing. Their most recognizable products are the DJI Phantom and the DJI Mavic. One of the most exciting parts of the Programmer Pack is that it is centered around automating (coding) the DJI Tello drone. The DJI Tello drone is a lightweight, indoor-outdoor-capable drone that can be programmed to fly using the Python programming language. This small drone is one of the most unique toys for stimulating STEM growth! With onboard sensors and telemetry data, your child will learn how to code the DJI Tello to fly and have many opportunities to explore exciting fields such as data science and algorithm building.

Texas Instruments: Texas Instruments is an industry leader in semiconductor manufacturing; its household name recognition comes from its powerful calculator lines, such as the TI-84 Plus CE or the TI Nspire CX-II. Most coding is done on a PC or laptop, but with the Programmer Pack, kids will get an exciting mobile coding experience using the TI Nspire CX-II graphing calculator. 

micro:bit: Take a moment to pause and observe your surroundings. Can you count the number of IoT devices? The TV, thermostat, smart charger, coffee maker, and microwave machine all contain embedded microcontrollers. Learning to code a microcontroller gives STEM enthusiasts a significant advantage on their educational journey. That’s why the Programmer Pack includes a micro:bit v2.2 microcontroller board capable of controlling any IoT devices you can imagine. Equipped with sensors, I/O terminals, and extension points, this powerful board allows kids to bridge the gap between Python code on the CX-II and the Wi-Fi instructions required to automate the DJI drone.

iCode: Renowned for its world-class STEM curriculum for K-12 students across the US, iCode stands out as a unique institution in the ed-tech space. With an extensive library of proprietary STEM curricula spanning thousands of hours, the Programmer Pack offers children a captivating and highly beneficial STEM journey. iCode’s STEM education experience is meticulously designed to address common challenges encountered in traditional STEM education. While prioritizing the simplification and accessibility of complex concepts, iCode firmly believes in the significance of enjoyable learning experiences. The “Take Off!” curriculum, included with the Programmer Pack, provides an unparalleled, self-paced learning adventure that blends fun and education like never before.

What is 4-in-1?

The term “4-in-1” is what sets the Programmer Pack apart from other STEM education kits, offering endless possibilities. When we say 4-in-1, it means the Programmer Pack can be utilized in four distinct ways!

  • Way 1: Use the Programmer Pack to automate a drone’s flight path or solve intriguing problems presented in the Take Off! STEM challenges.
  • Way 2: The DJI Tello, included in the pack, can also be used as a standalone product. Take control and fly it manually anywhere in the world! Capture stunning pictures and videos with its onboard camera and leverage the free mobile application for a fresh perspective.
  • Way 3: The TI Nspire CX-II, a school-approved calculator commonly used from around 8th grade onwards, is an essential part of the pack. By owning and gaining fundamental training on this leading calculator, students will develop the necessary skills to excel in mathematics.
  • Way 4: The micro:bit v2.2 board and additional expansion parts allow children to explore the various ways microcontrollers enhance our daily lives. The hardware provided in the Programmer Pack serves as a catalyst for a child’s STEM journey, providing a starting point to delve into microelectronics and IoT.

Experience the versatility of the 4-in-1 iCode Technologies Programmer Pack and unlock the potential of coding, robotics, and STEM education in exciting new ways!

Learn through fun, hands-on STEM challenges

Everyone recognizes the significance of equipping the next generation with crucial STEM skills for a

brighter future. However, many times, STEM education can be complex and unengaging. But that’s not the case with the iCode Technologies Programmer Pack!

With the one-of-a-kind STEM curriculum included in the Programmer Pack, students aged 12 and above will be immersed in an exhilarating world where they are asked to solve problems using code. Throughout the self-paced curriculum, students will grasp each STEM concept individually and then be prompted to create unique solutions based on their knowledge. By employing this bite-sized approach, students will feel empowered to take risks and explore unconventional solutions.

At iCode Technologies, we firmly believe that creativity is vital for the success of tomorrow’s problem solvers. Like any logical discipline in STEM, creativity is a skill that requires dedicated practice. That’s why, through gamified learning, children progressing through the Programmer Pack will be challenged to think creatively and devise innovative solutions to unique problems. Encouraging students to approach problems from different perspectives and providing a nurturing environment for creativity to flourish is ingrained in every aspect of the Take Off! STEM challenges.

Unleash Coding Potential with the iCode Technologies Programmer Pack

The iCode Technologies Programmer Pack is the gateway to an exciting world of coding and innovation for kids. Investing in this 4-in-1 STEM kit empowers your child to embark on a transformative coding journey.

With the Programmer Pack, your child gains access to a comprehensive set of tools and resources designed to foster creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. From programming the drone to utilizing the calculator and exploring the micro:bit, this pack offers endless possibilities for learning and exploration.

Prepare your child for the future by unlocking their coding potential with the iCode Technologies Programmer Pack. Let their imaginations soar as they develop valuable skills, gain confidence, and become the innovators of tomorrow. Start their coding adventure today and watch their dreams take flight.