Prop Set for DJI Tello




Upgrade your DJI Tello drone with the iCode Extra Prop Set, a premium accessory designed to enhance your flying experience. This set includes four high-quality propellers crafted specifically for the DJI Tello, ensuring optimal performance and stability during flight.

Featuring a durable construction, these propellers are built to withstand the demands of aerial maneuvers and provide reliable performance. Whether you’re practicing flips, spins, or capturing breathtaking aerial shots, the iCode Extra Prop Set ensures smooth and controlled flight.

With easy installation, you can quickly replace the propellers whenever needed. Each propeller is color-coded for hassle-free identification, making it convenient to match and attach to your drone.

The iCode Extra Prop Set serves as a valuable backup in case of accidental damage or wear and tear. Having spare propellers on hand ensures uninterrupted flying sessions and minimizes downtime.

Invest in the iCode Extra Prop Set and take your DJI Tello drone to new heights. Fly with confidence, knowing you have reliable and high-performance propellers for an exceptional flying experience. Elevate your aerial adventures and capture stunning footage with this essential accessory.


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